Risik and asset management from professionals for professionals:
Digital business processes – for greater efficiency and security

The INTAREG company was born out of years of practical experience as a system partner to market-leading banks, leasing companies, factoring companies, insurers, manufacturers, dealers and the public sector in the marketing of capital goods and the handling of bad contractual relationships.



Digitalization 4.0 – The patented INTAREG system provides for electronic monitoring and checking of mobile assets over the entire life cycle.

INTAREG is focused around the international register, a database for mobile assets. Additional digital services and modules form a harmonious integrated system designed to prevent fraud and losses. INTAREG helps you to handle your business processes efficiently.

In the past, the necessary inventory checks were often associated with high travel expenses and administrative costs as well as with considerable personnel and time expenditure. With INTAREG, in the future you can handle these efficiently, securely and cost-effectively.

INTAREG is the result of targeted development work, along with constant optimization and adaptation to legal and regulatory framework conditions. Today INTAREG meets all the requirements of a whole array of customer groups (banks, leasing companies, factoring companies. insurers, retailers and manufacturers) and of the authorities.

INTAREG has succeeded in developing a system based on digitalization 4.0 that is coordinated with the Swiss Data Protection Commissioner (FDPIC) and also complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation GDPR, which is mandatory across Europe.

While minimizing costs and risks, INTAREG enables you to execute your business processes digitally, efficiently and securely at home and abroad.

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