Uncomplicated, fast and secure

Entering the world of INTAREG is easy – the state-of-the-art interface solutions are compatible with any system.

☐ web-based system

☐ no software installation necessary

☐ optional seamless connection to in-house systems

With regard to an optimal usability, the user interface of the system is simple and clearly designed. The handling is adapted to typical process flows and thus employee and customer oriented.

Depending on your needs, you can stay informed about your assets 24/7 on the following four levels:

☐ localization of the asset

☐ identification through unique asset DNA

☐ query in real time

☐ condition of the asset

Upon request, INTAREG will configure query modules according to your business needs. In addition, it complements and integrates seamlessly into the existing workflows of your company via interfaces as required.

Through these performance parameters, INTAREG delivers the decisive hallmark of digitalization 4.0 for your assets: security for you, your company and the market!

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