The configurator enables individual test results

From the very beginning, it was INTAREG’s declared goal to provide the right test module with the appropriate parameters for every requirement on the market. This was always possible by combining different INTAREG components. But from the beginning of 2019 there will be a groundbreaking innovation: a much more flexible configurator! It enables customers to define and specify all individual aspects themselves. This allows each customer to generate their own check according to their individual Read more…

Digital service provider on its own is picking up speed

November 2018: How nice it is for a company to be almost overrun by customer interest. INTAREG is pleased about the future cooperation with well-known automobile manufacturers and market-leading sales financiers. They have recognized that the patented INTAREG system for optimizing economic and secure business processes through a specific process and its forward-looking developments enjoys a unique position. The Export Certificate and the Quick Check are particularly dynamic.

Patent for INTAREG notarized

Autumn 2018: The digital system for optimizing business process with all its diversity and complexity has become the swiss and german patent. Financial institutions, insurance companies, manufactures, retailers and public authorities can rejoice now. By implementing the INTAREG system, the customers can be sure to use an incomparably innovative system protected until 2034 .      

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