The International Register

The digital register for mobile assets is comparable to the land register for real estate. New, unique and unambiguous “asset DNA” is assigned to each asset entered on the register. This renders the entire life cycle of an asset transparent.


INTAREG is more as a register – the only platform of connecting the different branches.

We have developed various products for the application of patented INTAREG-system for electronic observation and testing of mobile capital goods. These products can be customized according to the customer’s needs.

Our Products

Digital Security Certificate

The Digital Security Certificate enables simultaneous comparison  of information and data between factoring, leasing and insurance companies. All data is synchronized in real time. This creates maximum transparency for all parties involved and potential risks are minimized.

Various tools and documents (e.g. Quick-Check etc.) can be added and integrated into the overall process.


The Checks

The diagram shows how how a check is performed:

One option is for the data generated by an INTAREG check to be used to supplement expert assessments drawn up by third parties.

Quick Check

With the Quick Check, information about the existence, identity and status of assets entered in the register can be called up quickly and easily. One option is for the data generated by the Quick Check to be flowed into value and/or loss reports generated by third parties

Validity Check

The INTAREG Validity Check enables a quick plausibility check of reported losses. It can also be used as a control system for regular loss assessment.

Export Certificate

For export transactions within the EU, the INTAREG Export Certificate provides digital confirmation of arrival in real time with reliable information on the properties and actual place of delivery of the exported asset.

In addition, INTAREG’s Export Certificate is recognized by the Federal Ministry of Finance and the state tax authorities. It corresponds to electronic confirmation of arrival as described in section 6a.4 UStAE of 27.02.2018.

For more information

End-Of-Term Check

With INTAREG’s End-Of-Term Check, the condition and location of assets can be quickly checked even before the end of the leasing term. The expiry of leasing periods can also be checked automatically.

Trade-In Check

INTAREG’s Trade-In Check enables you to quickly check the condition of assets before they are traded in.

Real-Estate Check

The INTAREG Real-Estate Check makes it easier for your bank to check the condition of a building, for example during the construction phase or the term of a loan.



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