The digital register of mobile assets is comparable to the land register for real estate. New, unique and unambiguous “asset DNA” is assigned to each asset entered on the register. This renders the entire life cycle of an asset transparent.

INTAREG as collateral register

As a collateral register, INTAREG enables you to check the status and location of financed assets in real time at any time.

INTAREG as a loss register

As a loss register, INTAREG enables you to check the status of insured assets at any time. All types of losses affecting an asset can be monitored with INTAREG and verified by means of the digital checks.

Additional functions of the register – The “stolen/damaged” index

The “stolen/damaged” index provides an interface for reporting and comparing stolen, accident-damaged, misappropriated or lost assets by factoring and insurance companies or other legitimate users. It maps the history of the asset throughout its life cycle.

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